The 'CyberMagnetic' Chair


 Science  Now Proves We Can Tune and Reprogram your DNA by Words and Frequencies, with Sound, Electro-Magnetic, Cybermagnetic and Spiritual Vibrations. 


CYBERMAGNETIC…..Using  the computers headphones and microphone jacks we can first  analyze  your voice patterns for energetic disturbance and then chose sound  files for relaxation, healing or energy. The music is sent into  the  body thru the headphones and a magnetic field generator. A magnetic field detector then receives the signals from the body establishing a   cybermagnetic loop. The computer can then change the music to help the patient’s body electric. >Sound Vibration is converted to Magnetic Energy and is Sent into the Heart Chakra. >The Energy Penetrates into the Whole Body Thru the Magnetic Waters of the Body. >Then We Measure the Magnetic Energy at the Stomach Chakra and use a CyberMagNetic Loop to AutoFocus the Therapy. TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME OF YOUR ‘DNA’ CLOCK With Cybermagnetics!!!  Cybermagnetics Unlocks Epigenes~~~~~Increase Compliance~Increase Results~Increase Income~~~~‘Cranial  Electrotherapy Stimulation’ (CES) Insight Stimulation  Works!!  In a  Double Blind Study, 22 pairs of Subjects got CES Insight  Stimulation or  Placebo before they played a game of chess. In each Game  the  Participant who got the CES stimulation Won the Game.Australian  researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound  technology  that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques –  structures that  are responsible for memory loss and a decline in  cognitive function in  ALZHEIMER’S patients. If a person has Alzheimer’s  disease, it’s usually  the result of a build-up of two types of lesions –  amyloid plaques,  and neurofibrillary tangles. Amyloid plaques sit  between the neurons  and end up as dense clusters of beta-amyloid  molecules, a sticky type  of protein that clumps together and forms  plaques.Budapest  Researchers have seen improvement on Human Subjects with  safe low  level ultra sound combined with magnetic and electronic stimuli  to  assist the sonic vibratory process to break up plaque.MAGNETIC ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE BRAIN STIMULATIONLose Weight with Electro-Shock Therapy~~~~~Better Living Through ElectrochemistryWe  can direct the Power of the Cybermagnetic Music or the   SCIO/Indigo/Eductor Energy into an Acupuncture point or into a Brain   area with the ‘MAGINETIC WAND’.‘A Revolution In Medicine’Neurostimulation with the MagiNetic Wand~~~~~~FDA APPROVED While we enjoy the comfort of the special Cybermagnetic pads, through  the connected microphone and headphones, the computer analyses our  voice sample by searching for energetic disturbances, then it picks an  appropriate music for us to provide relaxation or energetic renewal.The device that senses the magnetic field receives a signal from our body, and then generates a  cybermagnetic loop. After this, the computer manipulates the music in  such way that it improves our body’s electrical properties.The Cybermagnetic Chair uses the magnetic field to reduce stress and is also suitable for acupuncture treatment.

How does the sessions work?

During  the therapy – while being at rest –we have to speak about ourselves for  a short while (about 12 seconds). The device will use this sound sample  to analyze our voice. After this, the computer begins to select from  various sounds, and in the end, the therapist will choose the most  appropriate for us.

Why is it good?

The Cyber Magnetic system practically generates a personalized  relaxation music for us, and thus we partake in a kind of musical  therapy. It can be used if one wants to learn more effectively, for  stress reduction, and for relaxation or for muscle therapy.