The MindNrg Program

Do you believe that it’s time that some of the sophisticated wave  technologies available today are applied in an easy-to-use format for  clients, supportive of getting better results in session, AND at a price  that is accessible for you and your clients?

Well time’s up and here it is!

What is The MindNrg Program? It’s the result of merging sophisticated  energetic waveform and vibrational programming with proprietary musical  compositions, Guided Imagery and more, using precise signature of items  we’ve known for over a decade now support the common needs in our world  today, yet are merged together in an entirely unique way…

Carefully chosen signatures of Flower Essences, Crystal Gem Stones,  Chakra and Energy Bodies support, Colors and Frequency-Specific Sounds  from Nature have been harmonically combined with pulsed technology and  the MindNrg Original Solfeggio Tones and Guided Imageries, as an  outstanding addition to your practice!

If you’ve looked for a solution to providing a deeper, more  experiential element to your sessions, this is it!Although we cannot  capture the full vibrational experience of The MindNrg Program in an  mp3, the original Solfeggio Tone Music and Guided Imagery alone have  impact and can give you a taste of the App’s essence: just click the  player below to hear it for yourself:

A Great Complement To Biofeedback Sessions! The MindNrg Program may  seem primarily to be a Guided Imagery Meditation App BUT the audio  tracks you listen to have no less than 7 different embedded wave form  layers.

Typical Meditation Tracks have a single layer or use “binaural”  entrainment, which can be lost upon those with less than perfect  hearing. We’ve utilized a pulsed entrainment method that doesn’t require  perfect hearing. Our audio tracks have 7 layers combined in ways that  have literally been “unheard of” in other approaches!

Is it Easy To Use? YES!The process is very simple! Once the app is  installed, you enter your client’s name, personal details such as  birth-date as well as an “intention” for the session… An energetic  connection with the client is created when you click “activate intention  streaming”, but anyone who can hear it can obtain the benefits, because  it plays through wireless speakers too without losing any layers! (Our  wave file programming is entirely different from any other guided  imagery work we’ve done previously. You can even play it on speakers,  without headphones or without “spoken words” (hearing only the music and  pulses) in a waiting room to relax the space and your clients first!

Next,you will have 12 different sound tracks (audio files) to choose  from. (They range from 5 minutes to 10 minutes long, with your  selections depending on your timing, mood or needs; you can design a  session that is a 5 minute “time out”, or a 10, 15, 20, 25 or 35 minute  session all the way up to a full 1 hour and 10 minutes if you like, with  or without audible words).

You may select any number of these tracks, attach your headphones,  sit back and relax to a series of guided imagery audio files designed to  help you achieve YOUR specific goals. It is completely compatible with  the other techniques you may be using in session, such as Biofeedback,  infrared Biomats, LED lights and more.

How much betterwould your sessions be for your clients if they were  more acclimated to achieving positive results and were more receptive?  The MindNrg Program includes Specific guided imagery processes to  support both Relaxation and Authentic

Energy Restoration through:

  • Relaxation
  • Weight Management Support
  • Stress Reduction
  • Regeneration
  • Vitality & Focus
  • Energy Bodies

The Layers Include:

  1. Proven Guided Imagery processes of relaxation and positive thinking entrainment
  2. Thematic music composed using Solfeggio Tone Sound Frequencies
  3. Sophisticated Parallel Subliminal Support for use in personally guided imagery journeys
  4. Psycho-active “Frequency Specific” Ambient Environmental background compositions
  5. Brain and Chakra Entrainments
  6. Informationally Coded Flower & Gemstone Remedy Vibrational Waveforms
  7. Time-tested corresponding Color Programs

And a bonus: The “Virtual Connection” for an Integrated Experience!

Did you know that Smart Phone and Tablet Technology has more  computing power than the first lunar landing modules? Let’s put it to  good use! This type of technology doesn’t have some $20,000.00 price-tag  of expensive biofeedback or neurofeedback equipment, nor of other “home  use” systems that often cost thousands of dollars. This sophisticated  yet easy to use system is only $495.

It works with IOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Android OS devices.

You can turn the wifi off, or cellular data off on your iPhone or  iPad (if cellular capable) in session to remove its electro-smog and  enjoy the amazing waves gently balancing your client, the room (if  played through speakers) and even your pets or living environment when  you return home after work!

It’s not only for your clients use, it’s for you too if you need it to help you relaxfrom a long day of sessions!

How many devices can I load The MindNrg Program onto? We issue one  license per purchase and then a 50% discount license for your 2nd  personal device.

How do I get The MindNrg Program? By using the Paypal button below,  receiving the download link and instructions we email to your paypal  address (unless you tell us another email address to use in the  “additional instructions to seller” field) , which we then issue an  activation code for by email. We’re excited that you will be  experiencing the same amazing results others have achieved using this  amazing technology!

A wifi connection is required to install The MindNrg Program. After purchase, activation could take 2-3 days.