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Dawn Eshelman Singleton, PhD, DHS, CTP, DNM {Quantum Biofeedback Specialist & Author}



Dr. Singleton established QUANTUM HEALTH HAWAII by her extensive research on her daughter's traumatic brain injury, which caused many other complications.

This traumatic brain injury led to studies in Integrative Medicine using `Quantum  Biofeedback.' By observation of the response and results of her client,  Dr. Dawn Singleton found other tools, supplements, and therapies that her client responded to favorably.

The benefits of the use of these different therapies and supplements were of great importance in her client's complete healing, leading to her full recovery and allowing the connection with HER unique 'Dance of  Life.'




Dawn received her doctorate in natural medicine, was encouraged to publish information presented for her PhD studies, culminating into a  book.                         

Using quantum biofeedback, she witnessed amazing results in its use for traumatic brain injury. The Power of the Entangled Hierarchy 'Never Ever Give Up' is now in book form and gives an in-depth step by step account of her journey using this modality.

She has dedicated her life to her continue studies of energetic medicine.  There are great benefits with using quantum biofeedback and neurofeedback in helping to retrain the response to stress and stress patterns that people hold in their bodies. Reducing the stress level of a person,  allows the innate healing capabilities to occur, helping the body to remember a more balanced stress-free state which initiates and supports the process of natural self-regeneration.

Quantum biofeedback is a powerful tool for stress reduction, relaxation, and pain management. 

by Dr. Dawn Eshelman Singleton, PhD, DHS, CTP, DNM